I care strongly about the open gaming movement, which is the catch-all term for pen-and-paper role-playing games that have been released under Creative Commons, the Open Game Licence or other open licences. These games are free for all to share, use and adapt – they take the community and creation of role-playing games and push them one step further. Not only are stories, characters and house rules shared – now the very foundation of the game, the rules and setting, are open for all to use.

This blog is to accompany the wiki, www.livingfree.wikidot.com, which contains a number of System Reference Documents, links and pages on open games and open supplements. It will contain links to open games and gaming movements as well as material people invent for existing open games.


One Response to “About”

  1. Kirin Says:

    Just dropping a quick not to say that what you’re doing is really cool, and also kind of important, I’m glad someone’s taken up the mantle to track some of the wide variety of fun and free Pen & Paper roleplaying games out there.

    I’m working on a version of Red Box Hack myself, and look forward to releasing it under the CC as well.

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