State of Open Gaming 6 (June)

June 1, 2010

It’s been a busy month for the Year of Open Gaming. We have a new domain,, and the wiki has been rearranged so that adding new games is much easier. We also have over a dozen new games and several new resources for open games.
New Domain
You can now reach the four limbs of the Year of Living Free via

Wiki Rearranged
The wiki’s List of Libre Games now shows all open games in alphabetical order. Other lists are Libre Games by Publisher, by Category and by Licence. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the game that suits you.

Please contact me if you find any problems with the wiki.

New Features

New Fiction: Two Things She Does With Her Body (Greg Stolze).

Open Images: Love Vector Free is an open source collection of vector images.

Game Design Theory: The AGE Model of Game Play and Design is an open source theory of games.

Closed Resources: These should all be usable with and for open games, but are not themselves open.

Top 5 and Top 10 Lists: I’ve made some Top 5 lists for open games, including the Top 10 Open Games. It’s not complete, so feel free to contribute your own suggestions.

YOLF Blog Post: How to choose the right open licence for your game (read it here).

Comparing Open Licences: A system to break down an open licence into its basic components for easy comparison.

Open Games in Other Languages: For those of you who’d prefer to game in a language other than English.

Gratis Games: There are some interesting free games that aren’t open. You can find them in the List of Gratis Games.

New Games
These new games can all be found in alphabetical order on the List of Libre Games.

Thrilling Noir Stories, Lost Souls, Mirima Tyalie, SpacePirates, The Alchemy System, Superliga, Dread (The First Book of Pandemonium), Dangers & Dweomers, Spellcraft & Swordplay, Realms of Wonder, Zamani, OSTS, Pollies, FAST and Toast.

Sorcerer – not an open game, but it does have an open supplement;
Shadow of Yesterday – Spanish translation;
Donjon – Spanish translation;
ZeFRS – a retroclone of the TSR Conan RPG;
Adventure Squad Core – a variation on Dungeon Squad.

Grand OGL Wiki

Our friends at the Grand OGL Wiki have plenty of open content for us from the month of May. There’s zombies, dogs made out of leaves, a table of the consequences of horror (from fanaticism to hysterical deafness), rabid miniature poodles, ghosts and gorilla men.

Green’s Guide to Ghosts, Modern Dispatch, Fear Effects, The Beast Within, Skinwalker, Brainwashed, Weekend Warriors


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