State of Open Gaming 5 (May)

May 1, 2010

April was a big month for the Year of Living Free. We now have:

In addition, we broke the hundred games mark. Links to all 137 open games are available on our most important page, the List of Libre Games. I’ve reorganised this page, and it’s worth checking it out if you haven’t visited it in the last fortnight or so.

A more in-depth update after the break.

List of Libre Games

This page has had a complete revamp and I highly recommend checking it out. I thank John H Kim for his Free RPG List which I trawled for many open games.

There are too many new games here to link to individually, but here’s a list:

Open Game License

Microlite20, Slayer of Dragon, Two Worlds, True20, Star Blades

Creative Commons

C.O.R.E., Inuma, Tiny Triangles, The Faces of Angels, Saga, RUGS, Shadows, The Genesys System, Ghostlight, Midgard, Jazz 4.0, Legendary Lives.

GNU Licences

Hyper, JAGS, Osprey, YAGS.

Own licence

Stories System, DragonNet RPG, SKETCH System, Destiny System, Four Colors al Fresco, Kiss Roleplaying System.

Public domain

Enchanted Realms

OpenContent License

Draft, Epitome, Grey Lotus, Lycadian.

Categories of Libre Games

The games listed below are new, but I haven’t included any new games already mentioned above.

d20 Games

Animalball Melee, Simple 20, Castles & Crusades, Core Elements, Sweet20.


And Bake for 15 Minutes FUDGE


DQ Open Source

Miniatures Games

New open games from Free Wargames Rules: d20 Open Mass Combat System, Astral Dreams, Dark Millennium, Contagion.

Open Resources

New stuff:

  • Yahoo Image Search (can be restricted to only return images that are under a Creative Commons licence).
  • Two open source graphic design programs: GIMP and Inkscape.
  • Two fonts: Tagesschrift and Yanone Kaffeesatz.
  • OpenRPG, an online tabletop for role-playing.

New Pages

Changes to Existing Pages


Easter Egg and three new Dungeons2Go.


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