The Fading of the Land Solitaire Game

April 17, 2010

I was enchanted by the game poem The Azone Butterflies. It seemed like it would be very easy to adapt to a solitaire RPG, and so I gave it a go. You can read the Google Doc of my attempt here.

I played through it a couple of times, and here’s what I got.


DELUDED. Harid. He carries a favour from the woman he believes loves him.

First Test: 4/6.

SCALED. 15. A snake, coiled and writhing, that speaks with a child’s voice that draws Harid into its watery lair.

Harid is POISONED.

Second Test: 6/4.

BRONZE. 2. A bird, whirring with tiny gears and chirping a music box tune. Harid gently extracts its clockwork heart.

Glory 4. Blood 6.

Third Test: 5/5.

MANY-HEADED. 6. A deer, with one male head and one female head, approaches and nuzzles Harid. Maddened by the poison, Harid strikes it. It tramples Harid  into the forest floor.

(For this game, I forgot to describe my battle raiment.)


ORPHAN. Amani. Wants to be worthy of her bloodline.

First Test: 4/6.

TALON. 2. A jungle cat, fashioned of clay but with teeth set into its mouth and claws set into its paws. Amani crushes it.

D: Hands, calloused and knotted like a man’s. B: A thick fur coat that changes colour with the coming night; a broach of opal and bone.

Glory 6, Blood 4.

Second Test: 5/5.

CLOTHED. 3. An old woman, cat-eyed and ragged. She invites Amani to rest before facing her next challenge. Amani strikes the woman down and she turns to dust.

D: A monocle pressed from the petals of the glass-flower, through which the truth is seen. B: A carving of the seven elders of the tribe.

Glory 5, Blood 5.

Third Test: 3/7.

BLUE. 6. The waves toss and tumble. Amani spears the mighty leviathan, but it drags her into the deeps. Her body washes up upon the shore. She is blue, but still breathing.


D: A javelin carved from the jawbone of the leviathan’s child. B: A horn of ivory; a chain of gold coins.

The Village:


The man who is always silent takes Amani’s hand. His silver hair shimmers beside her fur coat in the moonlight.

MOURNING. 9. The old woman was a loving mother and talented seamstress before she was possessed by Shanri.


One Response to “The Fading of the Land Solitaire Game”

  1. Marc Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! That’s a great expansion of the AzonĂ© mythos – I’m happy that it has grabbed you!

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