State of Open Gaming for April

April 1, 2010

March was a busy month for open gaming. A few new open games were released and plenty more were discovered in the dark depths of the Internet. We’ve got traditional dungeon-crawls, Lego-based war games and games set in the transhuman far-future.

Year of Living Free

Dungeonslayers is a lite, action-packed role-playing game. It’s a relatively new game, but it’s already had a few (free) supplements published. Download it and give it a spin!

I’ve tracked down three rather strange games, which I’ve added to the list of open games. There’s Revolucion, where you design an authoritarian state and the movement that is attempting to topple it. There’s Ostermark: The Butterforger, a game I can’t begin to describe. And there’s Warrior, Rogue and Mage, which harkens back to the earliest of RPGs.

Lady Blackbird, John Harper’s ready-to-play game, has been spun off onto its own page and several variants have been uploaded: Alien Survivor, Darkening Skies (an unofficial sequel by me, Chris Sakkas), My Darn Ex-Wife and The Lady Blackbird (Age of Sail). I’ve also updated the System Reference Document for the game’s newest version, which also released this month.

I’ve added three new entries to the Open Resources page. They are Wikimedia Commons (a great source of photographs and illustrations, including hundreds of dinosaurs), ROLPUNK: A Manifesto (a call to arms for gamers) and the logo ‘Banned on RPGnet’.

Greg Stolze’s page has been updated with his advice on running and playing role-playing games, his short stories and the supplements for his game Reign – all of which are open!

You can watch the birth of a retroclone by following the Dark Dungeons link on our Retroclone page. The author’s just finished the chapter on immortals.

There’s a miniatures game, Brikwars, which you can play with Lego pieces you have lying around.

Eclipse Phase is a transhuman (or is that posthuman?) RPG set in outer space. I don’t know much about it, but I do know it has space whales and a very-complete SRD.

Three new products have come out for the 4C System – two character records (one form-fillable) and a GM screen for the game. All are public domain.

I’ve also dredged up two things from the past. Sacred Steel is a card-based game thought lost but rediscovered and saved through the Internet Archive. It’s a great example of how open licensing can give your game a second life – I’d never have uploaded it if it weren’t under an open licence.

Grassroots Gamer came into existence more recently, but it seems to have blossomed and then died. It’s not exclusively for role-playing games, but I like that remixing and modifying games is explicitly encouraged. I’d like to see a community like that evolve around the Year of Living Free.

Rebirth of The Great Hundred

A few years back gaming staple Ryan encouraged the creation of an open, community-built campaign setting. I wanted to create a similar repository of open inspiration, but focused on many campaign settings instead of just one. I wrote a blog post to discuss this issue more extensively. I’ve copied across some of the best material from the original Great Hundred, and the 4C System community are using the Living Free wiki to design a supers campaign setting.

Feel free to contribute your own stuff!

Grand OGL Wiki

The Grand OGL Wiki is working towards much the same goal as our own Year of Living Free wiki. The main difference is that Mark Gedak and his team focus mainly on d20 System games like D&D and Pathfinder.

The open content of eleven books has been been uploaded to the Grand OGL Wiki. If you’re interested in adventures, NPCs, equipment, cleric spells, tomes and libraries, serpentfolk, kobolds or sahuagin, then give the wiki a visit.

2 Responses to “State of Open Gaming for April”

  1. Scott Says:

    Do you list any FATE OGL materials? I may have missed them. Thanks

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