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April 18, 2010

I’ve been thinking about ways to develop and expand the open gaming community. There’s the wiki, of course, and this blog.

I’m considering starting up a forum, but I’m not sure if there’d be enough people to sustain conversation.

I’ve also resurrected my Twitter feed. Check it out – I plan to post at least once a week, maybe more.


I was enchanted by the game poem The Azone Butterflies. It seemed like it would be very easy to adapt to a solitaire RPG, and so I gave it a go. You can read the Google Doc of my attempt here.

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Robert Bohl has proposed a new contest, the Hardcore Freegan Game Contest. What’s the aim? To create a printed-out RPG without spending any money. Use a computer you didn’t buy, printing you don’t pay for, software you got for free.

And art and text you don’t have to pay royalties for.

What better source for that than the Year of Living Free wiki? We’ve got plenty of open games to scavenge from, and we have a list of open resources – from software to public domain art to US Government photographs.

If you do decide to enter the contest, why not make your game free-as-in-speech as well as free-as-in-beer? Use a Creative Commons licence and let others share and expand on your work for free.

March was a busy month for open gaming. A few new open games were released and plenty more were discovered in the dark depths of the Internet. We’ve got traditional dungeon-crawls, Lego-based war games and games set in the transhuman far-future. Read the rest of this entry »