State of Open Gaming 3

March 2, 2010

Over February, I added several open games to the Year of Living Free wiki. These include old favourites like Arcana Evolved as well as new – or newly discovered – games like Xceptional.

I also created several System Reference Documents. These present the rules of a certain game in an easily readable and copy-pasteable format so others can reuse or adapt the product.

If you know of an open game not on the wiki, please email Chris Sakkas at <>.

I’ve expanded the section on Miniatures Games, adding four games from Domino Writing. They are Monsters Menace Monopoly, Confrontation, Plastic Attack and Very Simple Generic Miniatures Rules.

I’ve also created System Reference Documents for two open miniatures games, Toybox Wars and Very Simple Generic Miniatures Rules.

Xceptional describes itself as a ‘Supers RPG with Old School Sensibilities’.

Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved has its own as yet unfinished System Reference Document.

I spun Bully Pulpit Games’ Dungeon Squad off into a separate page. Along with Advanced, Alternate and Companion versions of Dungeon Squad, there are Zombie, Pirate and Psychic Warrior variations.

There are also System Reference Documents for Original Dungeon Squad, Pirate Squad, Jim Adams’ Dungeon Squad, Dungeon Squad – Yet Another Variant, Adventure Squad and Zombie Squad.

Domino Writing has a separate page for its miniatures games and Dungeon Squad games.

MULRAH now has a page to itself, with both its story-game-based version 0.3 and its D&D-based version 0.7.

Mini Six is a variation on OpenD6 which is itself the libre version of the D6 System.

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