The Great Hundred

March 21, 2010

A few years back, Ryan St created a project called The Great Hundred. It was an exercise in collective world-building – he sketched out a Bronze Age land of god-kings and city-states and invited the community to fill in the gaps.

The project led to dozens of pages being created, but it never built up momentum and the proposed final book (with one page for each of the best 144 entries) never came close to publication. Still, creating a campaign setting collectively and in encyclopedia form struck me as a sound idea.

I prefer lite and freeform games without rich and well-developed settings. Working with no or little setting is great because you can give your ideas free rein. The problem is that sometimes you need rich and well-defined ideas and none come to you.

That’s why I’ve reimagined The Great Hundred as an encyclopedia of role-playing elements. Some might be loosely connected to other entries, but mainly they should stand on their own. That way, people can insert as few or as many as they need into their games, when the need arises.

If you have fantasy ideas you’ve never put to use, and you’re happy for them to come under a Creative Commons licence, please post them on The Great Hundred.

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State of Open Gaming 3

March 2, 2010

Over February, I added several open games to the Year of Living Free wiki. These include old favourites like Arcana Evolved as well as new – or newly discovered – games like Xceptional.

I also created several System Reference Documents. These present the rules of a certain game in an easily readable and copy-pasteable format so others can reuse or adapt the product.

If you know of an open game not on the wiki, please email Chris Sakkas at <>.

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