State of Open Gaming 2

February 1, 2010

I’ve decided to make these State of Open Gaming Addresses monthly, since I don’t think there’s enough material to justify making them any more frequent than that.

I wrote an article on how to open license your game, for those of you wondering if open licensing would work for you and which licence to choose.

I also wrote a 24 Hour RPG called A Strange Charm. It uses Otherkind dice as its main mechanic and is under CC Attribution.

The Logic of Tales and Dreams was written by Reason of Principia Infecta. It describes itself as ‘the fragments of a story game, come from afar’ and is under CC Attribution.

Bully Pulpit Games has had its own section added to the wiki, for its games Dulse, Ghosts, Pirate Squad, The Plant and Dungeon Squad. It has also released two Lady Blackbird hacks, Bloody Forks and the mouthful Post Apocbird.

Midian has a page dedicated to it and its public domain SRD, the Dark Fantasy Core Set.

The Mustang has been added to the design studio’s page, since I missed it when I added John Harper’s other open games.

The Vintyri Project has its own page, since its flagship product Dungeons Daring is open.

I added HG Wells’ books Little Wars and Floor Games to the list of libre games. Are they role-playing games? Not really (although Floor Games is pretty close). But they’re proto-role-playing and I think they deserve a mention.

Have I missed an open game? Shoot me an email at <>.