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Why Go Open?

Why not? Let others build on what you’ve created, share your work and develop it further.

  • What if shoddy products reflect badly on my own? You can prevent this, most easily with the Open Game Licence. See ‘Product Identity and Closed Content’ below.
  • What if other people take my work and sell it? You can prevent this with a Creative Commons Noncommercial licence. See ‘Why Noncommercial?’ below.
  • What if other people adapt my work and don’t make it open? You can prevent this with a Creative Commons Share-Alike licence or the Open Game Licence. See ‘Why Share-Alike?’ below.
  • What if I’ve used other people’s copyright in my work? You can work around this. See ‘Legal Stuff’ below.
  • Will people use my material in a way I don’t like? It’s unlikely. I know of only one case where an author’s open work was used in a way that wasn’t appreciated. The author complained and the problem was resolved.

Benefits to going open include:

  1. It increases circulation of your game, because people know they can distribute it legally and ethically.
  2. Others may create supplements or modifications of your game, as people have for Donjon (Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike) and 4C System (public domain).
  3. It allows you to give back to the community

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I added DoubleZero, a retro-clone for the James Bond RPG, to the Other Wiki Games section of the wiki. DoubleZero was written by Berin Kinsman and is in the public domain.

Valent Games has made most of its games (including the famous Sufficiently Advanced) available under Creative Commons licences – though some still cost a dollar from the RPGNow store. There’s a page for them on the wiki.

I’ve added a page on OpenD6, the D6 System released under the Open Game Licence.

The Treasure RPG now has a PDF download option.

Games Added to the List of Libre Games

Berin Kinsman also wrote Toybox Wars and Bad Attitudes Revised, both of which have been added to the wiki.

I’ve added two of Christian Griffen’s games. Beast Hunters is a well-known indie RPG though its SRD doesn’t have any beasts or tattoos. Anima Prime is in beta mode, so playtest it!

Not-Too-Silly Stories is an RPG designed for children with a mechanic to stop them from being too outlandish or ruining the game with nonsense.

Iliamna Unknown is a game about software engineers and their computer program, Undead.

1KM1KT Open RPGs

When I stumble across an open RPG on I add it to the wiki under this category. If you find any, let me know at or add it to the wiki yourself.